Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cara menjadi admin mig33

1.Send email ke
2.Subject: Apply to be an admin
3.Message: Dear sir, i would like
to be an admin for indonesian
area. For your information i am
otong,im 24 years old,come
from Betawi City, Jawa Barat,
Indonesia. I have been joined
mig33 almost 5 months already..
Please give me chance to help
all chaters in indonesia area
from multikickers. Thank u for
your attention sir.
4.Slanjutnya terserah kamu deh,,,,,,,,,

Nah kan dah selesai bacanya!!!Jangan Ketinggalan tips dan trick ini ya!!!

4 komentar:

Anonymous said...

simpel amat mas

devil said...

ya bs di tambahin yang laen jg kq mas!!!!

Anonymous said...

blog yang bagus.....sayangnya anda terlalu terfokus pada migg33

Mohammad Rizky Prasetya Kurniadi said...

@Anonymous : Jelek kok :P...Maklum aja..Owner blognya Mig33r :D

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